Graphic Design, Website Design, Social Media

Lovein 7

As a designer for Lovein 7, an e-commerce store offering Feng Shui, crystals, and 7 chakra products, I create engaging graphics, website elements, and social media posts. My designs aim to enhance the store’s online presence and effectively communicate the spiritual and aesthetic value of our products.

Graphic Design

As a graphic designer for Lovein 7, I undertook the redesign of the logo and created professional letterheads, business profiles, and engaging other designs. My designs aimed to reinforce the brand’s identity and appeal to our target audience interested in Feng Shui, crystals, and 7 chakra products.

Website & UI Design

As a website designer for Lovein 7, I crafted an intuitive Website UI using Figma and developed a comprehensive eCommerce website using WordPress CMS. My work significantly improved the user experience and operational efficiency of the online store, which specializes in Feng Shui, crystals, and 7 chakra products.

Social Media

As a social media designer and manager for Lovein 7, I created static posts and videos using Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Additionally, I handled daily postings, scheduled content, and ran Facebook ads to enhance audience engagement and drive traffic to our e-commerce store specializing in Feng Shui, crystals, and 7 chakra products.

Print Media

Using Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator, I produced eye-catching stickers for gift boxes, kiosk banners, posters, and signs for Lovein 7. With our Feng Shui, crystal, and seven chakra items, I wanted to efficiently market the company and develop a unified visual identity.


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