Branding, Graphic Design

Lucky 6 Trading

As a branding and graphic designer for Lucky 6, a leading lucky draw company, I developed and executed a variety of visual assets. My work included creating logos, promotional materials, and digital content that aligned with the company’s vibrant and engaging brand identity, ultimately contributing to a cohesive and compelling brand presence.

Graphic Design

I designed the business profile and letterheads for Lucky 6, creating professional and cohesive visual assets that reflect the company’s brand identity.

Website Design

I designed engaging website banners for Lucky 6, enhancing the visual appeal and user experience of the company’s online presence.

Website Banners Design

Social Media

I created engaging social media posts and videos for Lucky 6, enhancing the company’s online presence and audience engagement.

Social Media Posts

Print Media

I created a distinctive company stamp and an eye-catching Business card. These print materials were designed to reinforce the company’s brand identity and provide a polished and professional appearance in all physical interactions and promotional events.


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